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Puppet Fabrication at LAIKA

Coraline, Norman, Kubo... over the years LAIKA has created an amazing roster of memorable characters who are difficult, if not impossible, to forget.

On Friday, September 15, join us as we welcome Georgina Hayns, Creative Supervisor of Puppet Fabrication at LAIKA, as she takes us through the collaborative filmmaking process behind each of LAIKA's four Oscar-nominated features: Coraline, ParaNorman, The Boxtrolls and Kubo & the Two Strings with a focus on the fabrication element of the filmmaking.

When: Friday, September 15 @ 7 pm (doors open at 6 pm)
Admission: $25 // Groups (5+): $22.50*
* Group pricing only available through on-line advance sales
Admission includes GST.
Where: Vancouver Film School
Main Theatre
420 Homer Street
Vancouver, Canada
Info & tickets: SparkCG.ca

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Learn to Balance Art and Commerce with Bruce Alcock

Finding a balance between making art and paying the bills can often be tricky but multimedia icon Bruce Alcock has been doing just that for over 25 years. From music to video games, Alcock's distinctive work has been recognized by numerous festivals and garnered awards worldwide.

Join us on Saturday, August 12 at 1:30PM, at the Vancouver Film School as Bruce takes us behind the scenes and breaks down how he has found the balance of art and commerce, how they affect one another, and how you need both to succeed.

There are limited tickets left so get yours before this great event sells out!

When: Saturday, August 12 @ 1:30 pm (doors open at 1 pm)
Admission: $10 // Groups (5+): $7*
* Group pricing only available through on-line advance sales
Admission includes GST.
Where: Vancouver Film School
Main Theatre
420 Homer Street
Vancouver, Canada
Info & tickets: SparkCG.ca


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The Making of Valerian's Most Astonishing Scene

Perhaps the most talked about sequence in Luc Besson's Valerian & the City of a Thousand Planets is the inter-dimensional journey undertaken by the title character through a merchant world. Here, Valerian (Dane DeHaan) dons special goggles that enables him to be in two 'worlds' at once — a desert and the market world — as he attempts a secret mission.

ILM led the visual effects effort on the scene, with its Vancouver office the main contributor under visual effects supervisor Philippe Rebours. Hybride also worked on the sequence. Spark CG Society found out more in this Q&A with Rebours.

This is one of the most stunning scenes in the film, but also one of the most complicated. How was it explained to you, and how was it conceived?

Philippe Rebours: We received the script and then a few of us from ILM went down to LA to meet Scott Stokdyk, the overall visual effects supervisor, and Sophie Leclerc, the visual effects producer, and Luc as well. We saw the sequence the way Luc shot it with his students. He has a school in France next to his stages, and he took his students and for a couple of weeks they shot the entire sequence on the stage. They were just using tables and whatever they could find and would walk around and act it out.

Then Luc took that and edited it and showed that to us. Interestingly, I remember being there and it was a 22 minute sequence, and I was, even then, I was completely into it, even though there was no environment. I was completely into it and it felt like a Luc Besson movie. The position of the camera that he chose, the lenses, the movement. I told him it was very interesting because right away you could feel his signature.

Read the rest of Ian's interview with Philippe Rebours at our website.

Community News

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The Girl Without Hands at the Vancity Theatre

Sold to the Devil by her father, a young woman remains protected by her pure heart. In anger, the Devil cuts off her hands, but salvation may yet come in the traditional form of a handsome prince...

This visually striking French animation preserves the macabre and sensual aspects of the original Brothers Grimm fairy tale to create a spellbinding work of art. In French with English subtitles. Includes animated nudity and violence.

Playing from August 25 to August 31 at the Vancity Theatre, SPARK Newsletter subscribers can take $2 off their ticket price by entering the code SparkGirl at checkout. Discount only applies to online sales.

Tickets are now on sale and available on the Vancity Theatre website.

Festival News

Submissions Now Open for SPARK ANIMATION 2017!

This year, SPARK ANIMATION 2017 runs from October 26 to 29, and whether you’re an independent filmmaker, a big studio, or a student, we want your projects!

SPARK ANIMATION is proud of the diversity of projects it receives and programs, and every effort is made to ensure a blend of traditional and CG animation. Be it a commercial or PSA, music video or experimental project, personal story or a game cinematic, we want them all!

Regular submission deadline is September 1st, 2017 while the extended deadline is September 11th, 2017.

For additional submission guidelines, information and to submit your project, visit our FilmFreeway festival page.

In 2016, we received nearly 800 submissions representing over 60 countries. Help us spread SPARK ANIMATION further by sharing the submission page with friends, colleagues and on social media! Don’t forget to hashtag your posts #SPARK2017!

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